Looking for a Westie Groomer? Our Doggy Indulgence Grooming Boutique specialises in Westies.
We can clip or hand-strip to make sure that your Westie looks like a real Westie!

Doggy Indulgence are located in, Bittern, on the Mornington Penninsula.
Visit www.doggyindulgence.com.au for more info.

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Welcome Westie Lovers

This is the home page of Devnik Westies, breeders of West Highland White Terriers located in Melbourne Australia.

We are responsible, family orientated breeders who strive to breed puppies of excellent temperament. We love our dogs and do not over-breed them.

We raise our puppies in our home in a caring environment where we begin the socialisation and house training processes from an early age.

We raise our dogs at our home and consider them to be part of our family. We are are opposed to puppy farms.
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Looking for info on Westies? If you already have a Westie or are actively trying to get one, A Westies Guide to Training Humans could be just the book you need!

The book contains information on feeding your Westie, training your Westie, Puppy-proofing your home, dealing with beavioural issues and much more.

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